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This is mostly for my own benefit ^o^ Please feel free to ignore~ ;3

Griffia Character Index

Griffia Character IndexDOM GRIFFIANS

890 - Fox by TheKingdomOfGriffiaNanouk - Bagbean Tracker - Fox by BloomDoom
474 - Monatisfly by TheKingdomOfGriffiaEtain - Bagbean Tracker - Monatisfly by BloomDoom
976 - Taco by TheKingdomOfGriffiaBloom - Bagbean Tracker - Taco by BloomDoom

267 - Bannana Unicorn by TheKingdomOfGriffiaAurelie - Perfaunt Tracker - Banana Unicorn by BloomDoom
221 - Chocolate Strawberry by TheKingdomOfGriffiaRomeo - Perfaunt Tracker - Chocolate Strawberry by BloomDoom
#19 Fornlee by TheKingdomOfGriffiaSully - Fornlee Tracker by BloomDoom
17 - Moon by TheKingdomOfGriffia (Needs tracker)
#224 Kryptox w/m - Patchwork fox by Kandy-CubeParilla - Kryptox Tracker - Patchwork Fox by BloomDoom
516 - Patches by TheKingdomOfGriffiaNoah - Kryptox Tracker - Patches by BloomDoom
Parasplicer #001 by BeaniamasterlistChloe - Parasplicer Tracker - Yin Yang by BloomDoom
Parasplicer #050 - Hybrid by BeaniamasterlistNiue - Parasplicer Tracker - Hybird by BloomDoom
Foolee #003 by BeaniamasterlistEttie - Foolee Tracker by BloomDoom
 A2- 234 Peppery Rainbow by capriamasterlistA2- 166 Cabbage Grove by capriamasterlistBunble #008 by fluffiamasterlistBunble #137 by fluffiamasterlistMM Fairy #064 by ModMonsterMashMM Fairy #050 by ModMonsterMashEk - 017 Hate by capriamasterlist

Commissions/Requests Section

Salt n' Style Salon - CLOSED

Welcome to the Salt N' Style! Let me sprinkle some of my special fairy dust on you and make you gorgeous!

SO THESE ARE OFFICIAL REBASES! They come with the bag and accessories included.
I will charge an extra 10 for long descriptions.

I will charge an extra 10 for Wings, Extra limbs, and a lot of accessories.
I will charge an extra $20 if you want a companion included.

If it is not a rebase please tell me.

If your mutations are not official yet, please tell me. You can use your own items on this rebase to make it official. No Portal Pass is required if you take this route. Items will be removed from your bank once the rebase is finished.

Once I have accepted your claim, please post your tracker or a ref of your Griffian so I can give you a price. Fill out this form in the comment.
Character Ref:
Character Name:
Official Art (mandatory):
  Journal of WishesWith the removal of wishlists within the Bagbeans groups, I wanted to make a journal dedicated to wishlists for the Griffians I can make and for rebases!
I can make...
-Parasplicers (Dorian, Reptoid, Pleadian, Andromedan, Annunaki)
-Pealings (Strapea, Repea, Silkpea)
And I am an official rebaser. 
:bulletpink: Posting here DOES NOT guarantee you ANYTHING. These will be done on my free time and for free. I will be picking who I want to do when I have the time. 
:bulletpink: Posting a wishlist does not lock your theme to you. Please be aware that many people might want the same thing. 
:bulletpink: For rebase wishlists, your design must already be official. I will not be using items for you on them.
:bulletpink: Harassing me to do yours or anyone else's will result in me not doing them. I will hide your comment. 
If I can think of more rules I will add them as needed! Otherwise, feel free to post your